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We evacuate and care for people from hot places of the Kharkiv regionand areas that have been heavily destroyed.

Myrne Nebo

charity fund

1500+ people have been evacuated from hot spots
20000+ addresses for delivery of warm clothes and essentials
20000+ humanitarian aid packages every month
9000+ hot lunches every day
2000+ grocery sets per day
3000+ calls received from victims
4 kitchens, 2 bakeries, 25 drivers
124 activists
who save human lives
Shelling in the city and the region does not abate. It's been more than 6 months... Due to the threat of missile strikes, people are literally living underground, without electricity, water, medicine and food... And this may continue for a long time
Our mission — is to help people affected by Russian aggression, to provide them with the minimum necessary for survival: a safe space, warm clothes and hot food.
People who need help are hiding in bomb shelters, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, boarding schools, and it is to such places that we deliver everything necessary to save their lives.

We pay special attention to areas that have just been under occupation and heavy shelling.
4 кухні, 2 пекарні: ~9.5-10 тис гарячих обідів кожного дня
25 водіїв, які розвозять допомогу на 20000 адресів
1500+ евакуйованих людей у безпечніші райони
3000 дзвінків у кол центр
Розвозимо 2-2,5 тис продуктових наборів на день
9500 на день, 285 000 на місяць пакетів гуманітарної допомоги

Founders of our charity foundation

Chubukov Sergey
Lomsky Alexei
Lyubimsky Stanislav


«Along with these people, we look into the eyes of death. And we fight for life»

Food department
Our responsible chefsand wrappers, buyers and assistants, absolutely everyone who makes every hotmeal for those in need possible are our heroes
Logistics department
All people, who fearlessly get behind the wheel, who create new routes, and give directions tosafe roads, to provide help to everyone — bedridden, elderly and poor ones — are our heroes
All our colleagues, who draw up the support agreements, who find fundings, who provide us with fueldaily, who contact patrons and sponsors, are our heroes

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We will continue our work until victory and after it. Join our fund, let's save together those who cannot cope without us!
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We are looking for partners all over the world. We are ready to consider all proposals and jointly find ways to solve the problems of the affected Ukrainians
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We really need people ready to help. If you have a resource you’d like to share and want to support those in need, please, call us. Thank you for your concern.
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Thank you for supporting our activities and every person saved!

Our gratefulpeople

«The greatest weapon against the enemy is to take care of your people and remain human»

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We will continue our work until victory — and after it. Join us, and save those who you care about!


It is important for us to be open and transparent with our activities to our patrons:

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Main areas of work of the foundation

«Do what you can with what you have, where you are»

of hot measl and their delivery on time
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of food packages and humanitarian aid
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of the population from battlefields
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It is important for us to be open and transparent with our activities to our patrons:

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Thanks to you, thousands of hearts continue to beat and will definitely win!

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