Helping pets

Current animal assistance programs from Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv

Amount of animals in need for help in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region is big. When the full-scale invasion has begun and people who left their homes had no opportunity to take their pets to the new place. Some set their furry friends free, others gave them to their friends and neighbours hoping these people will take a good care of their pets and of course there are people who just abandoned their animals. A great number of recently domestic animals became stray. Many of them became aggresive and ill. Animals gather in packs and can be quite dangerous for people. They need our help and support. They are hungry, lonely and scared. Especially those who live close to the frontline or on deoccupied territories. Charitable foundation «Peaceful heaven of Kharkiv» provides a wide spectrum of rescue programs for animals. The very first priority is food for animals. It is common for people to feed stray dogs and cats with human food but it’s not a healthy diet for animals. They suffer from lack of vitamins and minerals and this affects their physical health. Sick animal can spread dangerous diseases. Additionally, uncontrolled reproduction makes existing problems even worse because it is almost impossible to know the exact number of animals and therefore we can’t provide a qualified help to abandoned animals. Simply there can be a lack of food and medicine. We work with this case since the very beginning of the full-scale and managed help a lot of animals but there’s more waiting ahead.

Approximate amount of animals in the Kharkiv region reaches more than 20 000. We work around Kharkiv, Derhachi, Balakliia, Izium and Kupiansk communities. And to deal with the issue our charitable foundation «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» developed and implemented a big program called «Animal Assistance Program”. This program includes three main directions:

«Veterinary assistance» project.

Provision of veterinary services to animals under the professional supervision or :

- departure of special transport with specialists to the places of service;

- animal diagnostics; vaccinations against rabies and other infectious diseases;

- sterilisation (if necessary);

- chipping and clipping (if necessary);

- registration in the electronic database (if necessary);

- provision of treatment on the ground (measures to combat external and internal parasites, the use of antibiotics, etc.);

- transportation of animals to stationary veterinary laboratories in difficult cases.

- catching homeless animals. 

- return to the habitat or to shelters (if possible).

«Feed and veterinary medications» project

We provide a complete set of feed and priority veterinary drugs

- dry and wet feed for cats and dogs, taking into account (if possible) the age and size of animals, as well as the compatibility of feed from different manufacturers and brands;

- priority veterinary drugs that can be used without the involvement of veterinarians, namely drugs from external and internal parasites.

Anyone can join our Animal Assistance Program in many different ways. It can provide financial support for this program. You can donate any comfortable sum via bank transfer or by cash to our organization. Or it can be a provision of medication or feed. We invite volunteers as well as big organizations to take part and to minimise this crisis in the region. For more details please contact us. Remember that for people animals are a part of their life but for animals people are their life.