Assistance to the populationAssistance to the population

War is an extremely powerful psychological stimulus. Everyday people face a lot of negative events. Deaths, destruction, injuries, torture, brutal killings, loss of housing. This leads to acute stress reactions and the development of psychotrauma. People faced events beyond their control, which in turn leads to a loss of control over their lives. Lack of basic security, stressful events threaten our health physically and mentally. Events affect people in different ways: A large proportion of the country's population needs and will need psychological support in the future, and many feel tired and out of sorts.According to our statistics, 80% of the adult population does not know how to counteract stress and cannot manage emotions in an emergency. The goal of the project is to organize a series of training sessions to popularize information about self-regulation and stress management techniques, to teach residents of frontline regions how to maintain a balance of psycho-emotional state, and to consciously and organize their own mental health. The main objective of the self-regulation and stress management trainings is to teach people to think appropriately and make the right decisions in times of crisis or severe stress.Our psychologists will teach community members various effective methods and techniques for self-regulation and stress management: art therapy, breathing exercises, self-hypnosis and self-talk, grounding techniques, etc.Our goal is to teach people under constant stress and trauma to relieve their nervous system and level their emotional state even under extreme conditions at different levels.

According to doctors, 71% of Ukrainians surveyed have recently experienced stress or severe nervousness. Half of the respondents feel anxious and tense. Moreover, the largest share of those who have recently experienced stress or severe nervousness is among women and people aged 25-34. And only 2% of respondents consult a specialist - a psychologist, psychotherapist, family doctor or therapist. According to the study, more than 80% of Ukrainians have never consulted a psychologist in their lives. More than 90% of respondents have experienced at least one of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and 57% are at risk of developing PTSD. Thus, 68% of the people who took part in the survey can be said to lack psychological well-being.

Project goals:

1. Improving the psycho-emotional state of the population.

2. Improving the health of the adult population.

3. Informing on behavior in emergency situations.

4. Start of post-war social rehabilitation of society.

5. Socialization of residents of de-occupied and frontline communities.

6. Raising public awareness

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