Assistance to the populationAssistance to the population

According to the United Nations Population Fund data, as of 2023, in Ukraine, over 20% of the population is aged over 65, of which 3.5% are elderly individuals with disabilities. The largest number of pensioners is currently in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast - 886 thousand, followed by Kyiv with 750 thousand, and Kharkiv Oblast completes the top three with 725 thousand.

The most vulnerable and unprotected segment of the Ukrainian population, especially during war-time, are the older people. In the Kharkiv region, every fourth resident falls into the age category of 70 and above. A significant percentage of these individuals are internally displaced persons whose homes have been destroyed or damaged by shelling.

Being lonely, sick, or even seriously ill, lame, with physical or mental disabilities and disorders, often economically disadvantaged, they are in dire need of specific assistance, care, friendly communication, and moral support. For the elderly it's incredibly hard to experience the wartime period and its harsh consequences. Abandoned by their relatives, they are left to deal with domestic issues on their own. They struggle to practise good personal hygiene and face challenges in accessing medical, psychological, or legal assistance on their own.

The project aims to improve the psychosocial well-being of the beneficiaries, provide them with assistance in resolving domestic, medical, and legal issues, as well as create job opportunities for unemployed women over the age of 50 as social workers. Within the framework of the project, sectoral training of social workers, their employment and assistance in secondary socialisation will be organised.

Planned actions:

1. Establishing a safe space for beneficiaries

2. Procurement and delivery of food products to beneficiaries' homes

3. Providing care for beneficiaries' pets, if applicable

4. Improving the living conditions of beneficiaries

5. Assistance with personal hygiene

6. Socialisation activities for beneficiaries

7. Providing transportation for beneficiaries when needed

8. Assisting beneficiaries in establishing or strengthening family connections

9. Facilitating access to medical services for beneficiaries when necessary

10. Socialisation and psychological support for social workers

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