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Who are children with SEN (Special Educational Need)? They are individuals who require additional permanent or temporary support in the educational process in order to ensure their right to education. Our world is not as cloudless and bright as we sometimes want it to be, and we, as humans, try to close our eyes and not notice certain aspects of it, thinking that it does not concern us and we do not need it.The relevance of the project lies in providing social support and medical assistance to families which have children with special educational needs and developmental issues. Special attention is required for families from de-occupied territories and areas near the conflict zone in the Kharkiv region. Being in stressful situations, such as occupation, shelling, the inability to receive timely medical assistance, prolonged exposure to stress, and psychological traumas experienced by children and parents, gradually deepen over time due to the absence of qualified professional help. Developmental issues in children require social support and qualified modern medical assistance for families which have children with special educational needs.The project aims to focus on early diagnosis, treatment, information, assistance, and support for families with children with special educational needs and developmental issues.The goal of the project is to support and provide assistance to families which have children with special educational needs and developmental disorders, motivate parents to early diagnosis of such children, ensure modern treatment, social and economic support for families, provide professional assistance in the city of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region in a specialized medical clinic, at home, in family centers, online, and facilitate the exchange of experiences among families with children with special educational needs.Today, according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the network of special institutions of general secondary education in Ukraine has decreased by 20 units. In 2023, 290 institutions (34,029 students) remained. 77 - educational and rehabilitation centers (8,255 students). 239 special educational institutions (27,635 students). In the Kharkiv region: 61 communal facilities, 4 facilities were reduced during the year, 218 classes, 323 students. 30 resource rooms + 2 relaxation rooms (psychological relief). Education only online, reduced position of assistant teacher. IRCs mostly conduct consultation work with guardians of children aged 2 to 18 years.Every child has equal rights to life and education. It is important to remember that a child with special needs is not a sentence but a challenge to society!

Measures of the project:

1. Seminars for parents on the possibilities of early diagnosis, detecting developmental disorders during early stages of pregnancy, and the specific care needs for such children.

2. Information work with families who have children with special educational needs, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis, participation in rehabilitation programs, and continuous efforts focused on the child's development.

3. Informing about government support programs, opportunities, and methodologies of a modern clinic in the city of Kharkiv.

4. Organization and implementation of diagnostics by qualified specialists for children with developmental problems. Organization of treatment for children in a modern clinic in Kharkiv using the latest methods of rehabilitation.

5. Comprehensive involvement of parents in assisting children with special needs. Motivating them to follow doctors' recommendations both at home and to continue rehabilitation Mentorship support program and timely access to consultations with specialists.

6. Methodological materials for families with children with special educational needs and developmental disabilities. Development and dissemination.

7. Creation, support, and promotion of a community of parents who have children with developmental disabilities and special educational needs on social media.

8. Assistance to parents in child care through the organization of family centers

Improving the psychological well-being of parents which have children with special educational needs

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