Assistance to the populationAssistance to the population

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the Charitable organization" Charitable Foundation "Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv" has been supporting those who need it the most. Kharkiv Oblast practically has the most extensive destruction among all regions of Ukraine: as of March 20, 2023, according to statistical data from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, 21,550 objects in Kharkiv Oblast are partially or completely destroyed due to Russian aggression; 12,620 objects are partially damaged (up to 25%); 6,298 objects are significantly damaged (up to 50%), including over 8,000 residential buildings, which are multi-story buildings and private households. Based on this, there is an acute need for assistance in preparing for the cold season.

Our foundation maintains constant communication with the heads of communities in Kharkiv Oblast, who are located in the de-occupied territory and close to the demarcation line. We monitor the issues of preparing these communities for winter, and we have direct requests from community leaders and the population. The unforeseen situation with electricity and heating supply in the coming winter presents additional challenges, such as providing autonomous heating, gas cylinders for cooking, purchasing portable charging devices, and additional blankets.

The most difficult situation is in more remote areas and small villages away from Kharkiv, where underprivileged families with children, people with disabilities, and elderly people reside.

After analyzing the statistics, we have developed three humanitarian aid packages for the population for the winter period of 2023-2024. The winter support project aims to address the critical needs of vulnerable population groups in Kharkiv Oblast, who have suffered from the ongoing conflict and as a result, have extremely unsuitable or unprepared conditions for living during this period.

The project idea will allow us to reach the most in-need residents who have lost their homes or do not have the means to restore or satisfy their winterization needs.

The main goal of the project is to ensure proper winter conditions for residents of multi-story buildings and private sector residents in the de-occupied communities of Kharkiv Oblast, who have been affected by the war, by supplying beneficiaries with necessary goods and materials for adequate winter living conditions.

Project Objectives

1. Conducting a series of events to provide humanitarian assistance for winter preparation among vulnerable population groups in the de-occupied communities of Kharkiv Oblast

2. Providing proper winter conditions for residents of de-occupied communities

3. Initiating the recovery of de-occupied communities

4. Improving communication with local self-government bodies

5. Countering the outflow of residents from the Kharkiv region



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