Social housing

Relevance and stages of the project

3,500 houses were destroyed in Kharkiv since the beginning of the war. 500 high-rise buildings (including nine- and sixteen-story buildings) are not subject to restoration. About 306,000 Kharkiv residents and residents of the region were forced to leave their homes.

A full-scale invasion left 150,000 people homeless. The majority of internally displaced persons (IDPs) temporarily live in houses and places that do not meet minimum sanitary and housing conditions.

At the same time, the war and mass displacement destroy livelihoods and economic opportunities, leaving many families without sufficient income.
Charitable Foundation "Peaceful Sky of Kharkiv" is working on a program which will allow you to resettle 10-15 thousand Kharkiv residents whose homes were totally destroyed. This program will help to solve the problem of those in dire need of housing to be resettled free of charge  3-5 years, while the restoration and construction program in the Kharkiv district is implemented.This is a unique opportunity to quickly create cheap and high-quality social housing due to the restoration of unused and abandoned dormitories (about 25-30 in the city of Kharkiv), which are on the balance sheet of higher educational institutions and require repair.Resettlement will take place in the city of Kharkiv.The first priority categories are IDPs, residents of de-occupied communities, families with children and the elderly.
With the aim of solving these problems, CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» developed and bringing to life the “Helping pets” Program, which is divided into 3 projects:
- «Feed and veterinary medicine» project
- «Veterinary assistance» project
- «Pets shelter» project
CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» invites international and national organizations for cooperation and also calls for joint efforts to realize humanitarian aid programs and to overcome the humanitarian crisis in Kharkiv region.

Stages of the project

«Social housing»

Search for places for social housing
25 abandoned dormitories were found, which are on the balance sheet of higher educational institutions, are not operated and require repair for further use by IDPs.
We are now at this stage
Fundraising for project implementation
The cost of implementing the project for 5 years is 1,967,629 euros, including the renovation of 25 dormitories and reimbursement of utility services.
Renovation work process
- rooms renovation;
- repair of common areas, showers and bathrooms;
- warming of the dormitory with complete replacement of windows and doors
Purchase of necessary things
- purchase of furniture;
- purchase of household appliances;
- purchase of basic necessities (bedding, dishes, etc.).
Home maintenance
Payment of taxes and operating services, according to acts on payment of communal services and maintenance.
Intermediate control
- act of completed works and used materials, photo and video recording of each completed work;
- humanitarian aid blank sheet (we record the full name, passport data, and location of each person who receives aid).