Assistance to the populationAssistance to the population

Russia's unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine has destroyed and continues to destroy the Ukrainian economy, social, transport and energy infrastructure and people's lives, destroying entire cities and villages, destroying the Ukrainian people and entire ecosystems of Ukraine. The scale of the destruction of assets is already estimated at $108.3 billion, and the amount of indirect losses to the economy is estimated at $750 billion, which is an unprecedented amount of destruction and losses since World War II. From the very beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Kharkiv region has been suffering from enemy shelling almost daily. Civilian infrastructure has become the target of enemy aggression. Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and cultural centers have been suffering from rocket and artillery attacks for months, and have turned into piles of bricks and human despair. According to our statistics, as of June 2023, more than 9,500 private houses, 394 high-rise buildings, 60 schools, 32 kindergartens, 25 cultural centers and more than 20 hospitals were damaged and destroyed in the Kharkiv region.Most communities are in a state of humanitarian crisis, with no access to medical care, education, or culture.Local authorities are unable to restore the affected facilities on their own, as the cost of reconstruction is too high for their budgets. They are trying to carry out minimal repairs on their own to prevent precipitation from entering the remaining premises, but this brings no result and the building is completely destroyed.Today, representatives of local administrations are appealing to us for help in restoring civilian infrastructure. The goal of the Renovation project is to organize the process of restoring and rebuilding facilities that are critically important for community life. As of today, we have received requests from 219 affected communities in the Kharkiv region.The future of the communities of Kharkiv region depends on the availability of civil and critical infrastructure facilities on the territory, so with the support of international partners, we are developing a multi-stage project to restore hospitals, schools, and cultural centers in the de-occupied communities and the areas most affected by the hostilities.Our goal is to secure the future for the communities of the Kharkiv region and, in the future, to scale the Renovation project to other de-occupied regions.

Project objectives:

Phased restoration of critical civilian infrastructure.

Start the process of post-war reconstruction.

Counteracting the outflow of residents from the Kharkiv region.

Analysis and identification of the most urgent needs for recovery.

Ensuring a sustainable future for de-occupied communities.

Building a platform for cooperation with the authorities.

Develop the most effective phased restoration of civilian infrastructure.

5 024 residential buildings and institutions in Kharkiv oblast destroyed/damaged.(Direct requests from communities)

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