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In the depopulated city of Kherson, less than 20% of the pre-war residents remain. Prior to the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation, the population of Kherson was around 330 000 individuals; currently, the population has decreased to 60 000-70 000. The city now predominantly houses less mobile groups or socially vulnerable segments of the population who are unable to leave.

Women in Kherson have suffered more significantly than other groups; they have experienced greater losses than other regions. Their condition and status require urgent crisis-intervention measures to provide support and assistance, prevent suicides, depressions, neuroses, somatic illnesses, negative phenomena, violence resulting from the catastrophe and stress. Furthermore, in the absence of conducive conditions for existence, new strategies for life, professional activities, family life, and behavioral models need to be developed. Acquiring new competencies and adapting to new conditions with a traumatic experience, which each person who was in the combat zone underwent, necessitates support, assistance, and self-help to transition from being objects to subjects in their own lives, a level of which might not have been present to such an extent prior to the war. These women demand respect, consideration of their condition, and assistance in overcoming it, as well as the creation of legal, social, and material conditions to realize their rights during wartime and in the aftermath of the war.

The goal of the project is to provide comprehensive social, legal, psychological, material, economic, informational, consultative, and socio-pedagogical support for the women of Kherson based on crisis intervention and post-recovery from psychological traumas. This involves transitioning from social services to self-help and independent living in new conditions of existence, facilitating full independent functioning, and potential future development of each individual.

Expected Results

1. Improvement of well-being and psychological state of women

2. Creation of conditions for the restoration of rights for the women of Kherson

3. Transitioning women from a state of crisis and psychological trauma to a state of stable independent functioning and eventual development

4. Social cohesion of the country

5. Reduction of cases of domestic violence through stress resilience education, adoption of new non-violent behavioral models, etc.

6. Increase in women's awareness of support and assistance programs in Ukraine and the region, social services, employment benefits, business opportunities, enhanced economic independence, and financial status of women

7. Enhancement of women's awareness about protection and self-defense against emergencies, human trafficking, etc.

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