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Projects to help Charitable organization Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv

On territory of Kharkiv and Kharkiv oblast, especially in nearly deoccupied gromadas, the issue of helping for house and homeless animals (cats and dogs) is very urgent. Many people, who lost or were forced to leave their homes, due to full-scale invasion, couldn’t took their pets with them. Someone gave them to neighbors, who stayed near and agreed to look after, someone gave them to shelters, someone simply left their animals on streets to one’s fate. Because of that, homeless animals who got lost in hungry, aggressive packs and pose a threat to citizens, increased enormously. The question of providing animals with feed is very urgent and cases of people giving them their own food become more often. Rapid spreading of dangerous diseases between animals, including dangerous for people, is no less important. In addition, those fact of uncontrolled breeding and impossibility of accurate determination of their number are making these problems even worse. Oriented number of animals in need, only in Kharkivska, Derhachivska, Balakliiska, Izyumska and Kupyanska nearly deoccupied hromadas, are more than 20 000.

With the aim of solving these problems, CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» developed and bringing to life the “Helping pets” Program, which is divided into 3 projects:

- «Feed and veterinary medicine» project
- «Veterinary assistance» project
- «Pets shelter» project
CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» invites international and national organizations for cooperation and also calls for joint efforts to realize humanitarian aid programs and to overcome the humanitarian crisis in Kharkiv region.