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Projects to help Charitable organization Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv

About 2 million people lived on the territory of Kharkiv and the region before the war. After 6 months of war, up to 800,000 people remained in the city, and almost 500,000 were displaced in the Kharkiv region. At the moment, the Charitable Foundation «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» operates 4 charity kitchens and 2 bakeries, which prepare and deliver more than 9,000 hot meals and 2,000 humanitarian kits to residents of Kharkiv and the region every day. Due to the closure of other volunteer organizations and the possibility of shelling of humanitarian aid distribution points, most people may be left without food and basic necessities. With the arrival of cold weather, the problem of delivery and distribution will also become acute due to fuel shortages and possible extreme winter weather conditions. Therefore, the best solution was to create "Big Family Boxes", which will be enough for the whole family for a week.

In our country, winter is cold (temperature ranges from -5°C to -25°C), many city residents have destroyed houses or no heating, electricity, or gas, which means there is no way to cook for themselves. Also, a large part of the population was left without work and livelihood, and they do not even have enough money for food. Therefore, the topic of increasing the number of charity kitchens is more relevant than ever. Currently, about 45,000 people in need are registered in the database of our fund.

Based on the data collected by our call center, we identified a need for more humanitarian aid kits and hot meals. By the beginning of winter, the Charitable Foundation "Peaceful Sky of Kharkiv" intends to open additional distribution points for hot meals and humanitarian aid in all districts of the city in order to feed all the hungry. At the same time, war and mass displacement are destroying livelihoods and economic opportunities, leaving many families without sufficient income to meet basic needs and unable to adequately support their children.

Our Foundation calls for full humanitarian access for all those in need, to safely and quickly help people in difficult situations, wherever they are.  

The "COOKING PROGRAM NEBO" will provide free meals to those who have lost their homes or are unable to cook at home and are in dire need of food, especially on cold winter day

Stages of the project


1. Search for places for 4 new kithens

- purchase of kitchen equipment;

- staff remuneration;

- purchase of products for 3-4 months;

- opening of additional warehouses;

- increase in material and technical groups and fuel costs.

2. We are at this stage now

Information gathering

Our fund's call center is already processing an increase in the number of requests from families with young children and from families with many children who need humanitarian aid and hot food delivery.

3. Fundraising for the opening of new kitchens

The cost of the project to open 1 kitchen is 76,728 euros, which includes the purchase of food for one month to provide assistance to 45,000 victims.

4. Purchase of products

- The cost of the project to open 1 kitchen is 76,728 euros, which includes the purchase of food for one month to provide assistance to 45,000 victims.

- daily packaging of portions will be done according to the gram standard.

5. Distribution and delivery of humanitarian aid

- packaging of grocery sets and portions of hot meals;

- transportation of ready sets to delivery points;

- address delivery to people with disabilities.

6. Intermediate control

- photo and video recording of each served portion and food set;

- humanitarian aid blank sheet (we record the full name, passport number and other data of the aid recipient with his signature).