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We have 2 bakeries now that bake hot bread and rolls every day. At the beginning of the war, there were 2 bread factories in the city, which came under fire from the first days. Therefore, the risks of shelling can lead to the fact that people will be left without bread. The way out is the opening of independent bakeries. Given that winter is coming soon, hot bread will become even more necessary for the population. In winter, the need for high-calorie food and bread will increase. Therefore, even now, 2 bakeries are not enough, and we cannot cope with the requests of the call center. Even after the war, people will be without work, that's why charity kitchens and bakeries will help to survive in the first years. The Charitable Foundation "Peaceful Sky of Kharkiv" is currently working on the "Charity Bakeries" project, which will bake and distribute about 6,000 loaves of bread for free every day.

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