72% of the Kharkiv region and the city of Kharkiv are connected to the central heating system. Constant shelling reduces the pace of its recovery, which provokes a dangerous situation for local residents. According to our data, a large number of IDPs from Kharkiv were resettled in small summer houses in communities of Kharkiv Region, which are not suitable for living in winter period (more than 20,000 IDPs are registered in Valkyvsk Region alone). CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv» and its partners are working on an electric heating project, the purpose of which is to provide vulnerable population groups with alternative types of heating and give them the opportunity to safely survive the difficult winter period.

Stages of the project

Electric heating for kharkiv residents

1. Collection of information:

- identifying the needs of vulnerable population groups in household items.In accordance with the recipient's needs and living conditions, assistance is planned for the following categories of population:


people with disabilities;


families with children, single mothers;

people whose property was damaged during hostilities.

2. Purchase of necessary household items:

- electric sheets for people living in school gymnasiums, bomb shelters, subways, etc. (minimum required quantity – 5 000);

- fan heaters (minimum required quantity – 3 000);- convector heaters (minimum required quantity – 1 000);

- infrared heaters (minimum required quantity – 1 000);

- desktop electric stoves for those who lost the ability to cook on their own, (minimum required quantity – 3 000).

All appliances will be purchased from local businesses through a tender process.

3. Organization of delivery:

- delivery of all the necessary items of winter life will be carried out by the employees of the logistics group of the CO «CF «Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv».

4. Risks and dealing with them:

The risk of shelling can damage the warehouse, so the purchased electrical equipment will be stored in different areas of the city.

5. Intermediate control:

- photo and video recording of each item provided with subsequent storage on Google Drive;

- humanitarian aid form (we record the name and surname, passport data, place of residence, etc. of each person who receives aid).

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